Where to buy hand sanitizer, hand wash and disinfectants online

South Africa’s president, Cyril Ramaphosa, yesterday announced the Convid-19 virus a national disaster after the World Health Organisation declared the virus a global pandemic earlier in the week. Firstly, don’t panic and spread fake news! As part of Mr Ramaphosa’s plan of action, there will be a mass education about the virus, specifically, how to stop the spread. Social distancing is important, as well a hand washing. (Hello online shopping!)

Manufactures of hand sanitiser can’t keep up with the global demand, with some promising more stock this week. But remember, washing your hands with normal soap and water for 20 seconds will do the trick!

There is stock of hygiene wet wipes, hand sanitisers, disinfectants and soap online, here’s where to shop. But please remember, just buy what you need and there will be enough for everyone.

Oh So Heavenly Hygiene Clean 5-in-1 Hygiene Hand Wash | R34.99 | Clicks

Savlon Hygiene Soap Deo Active Fresh | R12.99 | Clicks

Savlon Antiseptic Liquid Value Pack | R59.99 | Clicks

Dove Hygiene Wipes 25`s | R40.05 | Dischem

Dettol Liquid Kitchen Cleaner Lemon Zest | R36.95 | Dischem

Pure Beginnings Fun Time Kids Hygiene Hand Wash | R79 | Faithful to Nature

Anti-Bacterial Sanitiser | R59 | YuppieChef

Dettol Aloe Vera Disinfectant Liquid | R22.99

Twinsaver Hygiene Wipes (36×10’s) | R369.95 | Makro

SoPure has a lovely range of natural products, I’ve been using their sterilising and disinfectant products for a few years now. They have an online store, and Dischem and Charley’s Boxes also have products available to order online

Hand Wash | R64.99

Hand Sanitizer (Organic and Alcohol Free) | R34.99

Surface Disinfectant | R49.99  

Disinfecting Toy and Nursery Cleaner | R59.99

Wall Mounted Hand Sanitiser Dispenser | R360  

Stay safe, and stay informed

~Online Roundup

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