Who I have my eye on this Black Friday

In case you are living under a rock, Black Friday is this Friday, 24 November 2017.  Just about every retailer is advertising that they will be participating in Black Friday, yay for us!  Maybe not so yay for our credit cards!

These are the retailers I am going to be watching (and buying from) on Friday…

www.takealot.com tops the list with their Blue Dot Sale.  Deals will be loaded at 12h01 am on Friday morning and I may just be up really early to see the specials

Spree is another favourite of mine and I wonder if their Black Friday Sale can top their end of season sales?  I bought all my maternity clothing from them and have already lined up some items for Friday.  You can sign up for email alerts too

Sophie and Jane’s feeding bra’s are not only comfortable and functional, they are beautiful too!  Find them on Facebook and Instagram

Lou Harvey have announced they are participating.  Teacher’s presents sorted!

Le Creuset, need I say more?

I have had my eye on the Dapper Sandals from Saint and Summer for a while now, Friday may be the perfect opportunity to buy them!

I just love the Protea items from Hallo Jane and need to add some coasters to my table décor

Toy Adventures are advertising their specials on their Facebook page and the savings are quite sizable!

Toys R Us have also advertised their Friday specials:

This list is sure to grow!!

Who will you be shopping with on Friday?

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