Elf on a Shelf

It’s 71 days till Christmas and my inner Christmas Elf is leaping with delight! I love Christmas and everything that goes with it. We started the ‘Elf on a Shelf’ tradition last year and you bet we’re doing it again this year!

Have you got your elf yet?

The Crazy Store has a lovely variety of ‘Elf’ goodies! They don’t have an online store (yet) but a trip to one of their stores is worth it. They have a ‘Stock Availability’ option on their website to see which store has the item in stock

You can also buy your Elf  from Takealot and Loot

The Traditional Elf  | Takealot and Loot

Accessories | Takealot

Boy and Girl Elf for Christmas (sold separately) | Takealot and Loot

Naughty Elf | Takealot and Crazy Store

Bend and Pose Elf | Takealot and Crazy Store

Elf and Reindeer Set | Takealot

Elf and Stocking | Crazy Store

Elf Accessories | Crazy Store

Elf House Stickers | R29.99

Elf Surveillance Camera | R49.98

Elf Door | R39.98

Elf Swing | R39.98

Elf Foot Print Stencil | R29.99

Elf Washing Line | R29.99

Elf Reports and Post Box | R29.99

Elf Battery Operated Lights | R99.99

~Online Roundup

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