An Easy and Delicious Christmas Dinner with Woolworths

I love everything about Christmas, especially the food! I also love hosting a family Christmas dinner. And with that comes menu selection, shopping list compilation, hours in the shops and food preparation. Not this year! Thanks to Woolworths I can order all my ready made dishes online and simply serve on the evening. Saving me time, extra grey hairs and hours in the kitchen.

Their Easy-to-Prepare and Ready-Made dishes are delicious and fail proof. Simply follow the cooking instructions and plate! Or remove packaging and plate – what a pleasure!

No more hours of slaving in the kitchen, missing out on the family fun! And no more flops (meat trifle anyone?!)

Here are my dish selections from Woolworths

The Christmas Favourites

I usually have these items out for when guests arrive, but they can be served as part of the dessert, or after dinner

Christmas Fruit Mince Pie Selection 6pk | R44.99

Christmas Fruit Mince Pies 6pk | R39.99

Iced Brandy Fruit Cake 1kg | R269.99

Is it even Christmas without these:
Nestle Quality Street Chocolates 500g | R99.99

Snacks and Starters

You can’t go wrong with a classic cheese board and cold meat selection for when guests start to arrive and are a bit peckish

Familiar Favourites Cheese Selection 415g | R89.99

Original Moist Sliced Beef Biltong 150g| R94.99

Roasted and Salted Luxury Tree Nuts 100g | R47.99

Savoury Biscuit Selection 650g | R139.99

Italian Antipasto Selection 350g | R219.99

Is fish for Christmas a thing, or is it just me? I love a small fish starter for Christmas. Serve either on a platter to share, or plate individually.

Seafood Platter 445g | R159.99

Panko Calamari Strips 160g | R69.99

Cajun Calamari 130g | R69.99

Salmon and Trout Roulades 160g | R79.99

Can bread be beautiful? I love the wreath shape! Serve either with the starters or the main meal.

Roasted Garlic and Rosemary Tear and Share Wreath Bread 500g | R69.99

The Main Meal

Meat, meat and more meat!

Easy to Cook Beef Rump Roast with Stuffing Avg 1kg | R139.99

Easy to Cook Free Range Confit Duck Legs Avg 1kg | R158.99

Easy to Cook Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks Avg 1kg | R299.99

Ready to Eat Sliced Gammon Avg 1kg | R229.99

Festive Gravy 500ml | R44.99

Simply Heat Gravy 400ml | R36.99

Side Dishes

Chunky Roasting Vegetables 1.5kg | R59.99

Filled Gem Squash 4 Halves | R34.99

Butternut, Spinach and Red Onion Back 725g | R54.99

Nicola Potato Stacks with Herb Oil and Pecorino Sprinkle 600g | R44.99

Potato Bake with Fresh Rosemary Wreath 1kg | R52.99

Traditional Desserts

Now it’s time to loosen the belts!

Fruit Trifle 550g | R69.99

Christmas Fruit Pudding 450g | R95.99

Christmas Rum Butter Stollen 600g | R139.99

Fresh Custard 500ml | R26.99

Tin Roof Dairy Ice Cream 2l | R79.99

What’s a Christmas Dinner without Bubbles?

Kids 100% Sparkling Red Grape Juice 750ml | R48.99

Pom Royal Pomegranate and Vanilla 100% Grape Juice 750ml | R48.99

Krone Night Nectar MCC 750ml | R159.99

Krone Night Nectar MCC Rose 750ml | R159.99

And Christmas Crackers complete the Christmas dinner table

Kids Fun Crackers 6pk | R75

Classic Crackers 6pk | R150
They come in different colours to compliment your colour scheme

I love these!

Milk Chocolate Balls in a Cracker 16pk | R39.99

Shortcake Chuckles in a Cracker 10g | R16.99

Multicoloured Eggs in a Cracker 10g | R16.99

I couldn’t resist, these are so cute!

M&S Christmas Star Napkins 8pk | R59.99

Melinda Queck
~Online Roundup

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