Lego Friends: great sets to buy online

My daughter is besotted with Lego Friends at the moment; so much so that we’ll be having a Lego Friends birthday party for her in August. She’s watched all the episodes on Netflix (a few times) and is playing with her sets daily. All she wants for her birthday is more Lego Friends sets!

There are such cute sets available and so many options that don’t break the bank! From small pods to large houses, there is something for everyone. Lego has recently added their Jungle Rescue to their range which includes elephants and sloths! They have an underwater rescue range, turtle and panda rescue range and their Heartlake City range! So different to the little yellow heads that I had growing up.

Our favourite at the moment are the small individual sets to start building the collection:

Stephanie’s Pool Pod | R111.99 | Great Yellow Brick

Andrea’s DJ Pod | R111.99 | Great Yellow Brick  

Olivia’s Satellite Pod | R111.99 | Great Yellow Brick

Emma’s Photo Studio Pod | R111.99 | Great Yellow Brick

Mia’s Adventure Pod | R111.99 | Great Yellow Brick

Makro have a sale at the moment and this the best price online
other retailers selling these cubes include Takealot, Great Yellow Brick, Import a Toy, At the Playground and Toys R Us

Play Cube | R129 each | Makro  

Shopping Play Cube | R169.99 | Great Yellow Brick

Summer Heart Box | R129 | Toy Kingdom

Olivia’s Flower Garden | R159 | Takealot

Heartlake Surf Shop | R389| Takealot

Olivia’s Cupcake Café | R469 | Takealot

Emma’s Art Stand | R334 | At the Playground

Stephanie’s Ice Cream Cart | R129 | Makro (SALE)

Emma’s Art Studio | R409 | At the Playground

Olivia’s Mission Vehicle | R369 | Takealot

Andrea’s Park Performance | R419 | Takealot

Stephanie’s Soccer Practice | R259 | The Kid Zone

Mia’s Horse Trailer | R455 | Takealot

This lovely set is on special at Toys R Us at the moment
Mia’s House | R899

The new jungle sets are too cute

Baby Elephant Jungle Rescue | R399 | Takealot

Panda Jungle Tree House| R589 | Takealot

Heartlake City Brick Box | R695 | Takealot

And we need books and stickers to add to the bricks

Ultimate Sticker Collection | R208 | Loot

The Adventure Guide | R244 | Loot

And accessories of course

Tumbler with Straw | R 97.99 | Great Yellow Brick

Happy Shopping

And this is not a sponsored post

~Online Roundup

  • Alison Till
    Posted at 13:08h, 26 June

    Wow – great post and ideas. Can’t get over how different Lego looks now compared to years ago but such fun for the kids