Kids Dress Up Outfits for Halloween

Are we doing Halloween this year? My estate has arranged a trick or treat for the children and mine are very excited! I’m encouraging them to wear costumes that include masks, like ninjas!

Although we don’t need a Halloween event to dress up, pretend play is so much fun! But if you need to purchase something for Halloween, have a look at the different costumes available online:

Spooky Outfits

Halloween Skeleton Hood and Jumpsuit | R 289.90 | Kiddie Majigs

Maleficent Headband | R59.90 | Party Spot

Kalabazoo Bat Girl Costume | R255 Takealot

Princes Dresses!

Princess Jasmine Outfit | R499.90 | Kiddie Majigs

Frozen Anna Dress | R449.90 | Kiddie Majigs

Frozen Elsa Princess Dress | R499.90 | Kiddie Majigs

Frozen 2 Anna Dress | R559.90 | Kiddie Majigs

Frozen 2 White Elsa Dress | R519.90 | Kiddie Majigs

Belle Princess Dress | R549.90 | Kiddie Majigs

Moana Outfit and Necklace | R499.90 | Kiddie Majigs

Moana Wig | R199.90 | Kiddie Majigs

Deluxe Mulan Dress | R699.90 | Kiddie Majigs

Princess Poppy Dress | R449 | Kiddie Majigs

Trolls Aliceband | R49 | Kiddie Majigs

Tinkerbell Fairy Dress | R289.90 | Kiddie Majigs

Iris Tulle Dress | R399.99 | Cotton On

Green 3pc Mermaid | R299.90 | Kiddie Majigs


Superman Cape & Mask | R159 | Kiddie Majigs

Wonder Woman Dress Up Costume | R849 | Takealot

Captain America Endgame Costume | R759.90 | Kiddie Majigs

Hulk Child Costume | R759.90 | Kiddie Majigs

Spiderman Outfit | R799.90 | Kiddie Majigs

PJ Masks Kids Dress Up Costume | R429 | Takealot

Batman Mask | R109 | Takealot

Fun Costumes:

Where’s Wally Shirt, Hat & Glasses | R349.90 | Kiddie Majigs

Unicorn Dress Up | R129.90 | Toys R Us

Dreamy Dress Ups Dress with Wing | R499 | Takealot

Iconix Lion Onesie for Kids | R399 | Takealot


Minion Dress | R249 | Kiddie Majigs

Minion Jumpsuit | R249 | Kiddie Majigs

Minion Dave Foam Costume | R99 | The Kid Zone

Popular Characters:

Paw Patrol Chase Outfit | R449 | The Kid Zone

Paw Patrol Kids Dress Up Costume – Skye | R429 | Takealot

Red Ninjago Kai | R499.90 | Kiddie Majigs

Disney Jake and the Neverland Pirates | R289 | The Kid Zone

Vamerina Boo-tiful Costume | The Kid Zone

Harry Potter Wand and Glasses Set | R39 | Kiddie Majigs

Pink Minnie Dress Set | R299 | Kiddie Majigs

Robin Hood Outfit | R359.90 | Kiddie Majigs


Children’s Surgeons Costume | R450 | Simple Party Supplies

Children’s Doctor’s Costume | R450 | Simple Party Supplies

Children’s Deluxe Fire Fighter Costume | R450 | Simple Party Supplies

Racing Dress Up Costume | R167.90 | Party Spot

Police Officer Dress Up Costume | R279.90 | Party Spot

Military Soldier – Role Play Costume for Kids | R149 | Takealot

Astronaut Outfit | R449.90 | Kiddie Majigs

Vet – Role Play Costume For Kids | R250 | Takealot

Happy trick or treating!
~Online Roundup

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